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Pigeon Sales           

How to buy...

If you are interested in buying top quality racing pigeons from Glenview Lofts please contact Robert who will be happy to assist.

Prices? How to pay?... (All prices + carriage)

Young birds from stock loft: from 50.00
Racing kit of six birds: 200.00
Payment by cash or cheque

Glenview Lofts Racing Pigeon Bloodlines

Following a substantial financial investment Glenview Lofts now house Vandenabeele bloodlines, which are direct children and grandchildren from:

Blue Diamond 
Golden Gaby
Going for Gold
Gaby 600

Queen of Diamonds
National Fideel 
Pure Gold

Golden Son
Jade Leanne
Jester 21
Rolls Royce

Most recent

Combine Cock
Amochachi 697 
The Bouncer 
Carrie Black
Ebony Queen
Morning Star
MacLaren Fideel
Miss Eisen

The Scottish Assassin
Robin Hood 
Lord & Lady of the Rings
Gold Shadow
Diamond Geezer
Witpen Logan
Lady Bliksem
Gaby 612
Super Girl 413

Joint Venture
Royce Fideel
Sissi 391
Sissi 264
Super Girl 310

- Thanks to Mark and Dickie Evans -

Below is a small selection from Glenview Lofts' racing pigeon stock team...

Image 01

Name: Golum.

Info: Sire-Amocachi 697. 
Bred by: M&D Evans.
Dam: Carla from Jester & Carrie.

Image 02

Name: Merlin "92".

Info: Blue cock. GB03C93959. 
From a Son of Shadow x dtr, Golden Gaby.

Image 03

Name: Cruiseader.

Info: Cruiseader direct son from cruise missle.
Bred by: M&D Evans.

Image 04

Name: Joker.

Info: Joker direct son from New Jester x Super Diamond.
Bred by: M&D Evans.

Image 05

Name: Storm.

Info: Storm, direct son from New Logan x lightening.
Bred by:
M&D Evans.

Image 06

Name: Bluffy.

Info: Bluffy, full brother to Myrtle Lofts producer cock.
Bred by: M&D Evans.

Image 07


Info: Son from shadow 500 x national diamond.
Bred by: M&D Evans.

Image 08

Name: Harlequin.

Info: Harlequin, direct son from New Jester x Super Diamond.
Bred by: M&D Evans.

Image 09

Name: Lita.

Info: Lita, direct dtr. from the 42 cock R.P.R.A. award winner..
Bred by:
M&D Evans.

Image 10

Name: Lois Lane.

Info: Grand dtr. of Pre Olympic x Lady of The Rings.
Bred by: M&D Evans.

Image 11


Info: Double grand dtr. of Pre Olympic.
Bred by: M&D Evans.

Image 12

Name: Young Levi.

Info: Young Levi, direct son from Bob De Bat x Levi Young and brother to Shadows Image.
Bred by: M&D Evans.

Image 13

Name: Dark Blksem.

Info: Dark Blksem, direct son from The Perfect Cock x Perfect Hen.

Image 14

Name: Calder.

Info: Direct son from blue magic.
Bred by: M&D Evans, this cock is a g/son of Golden Gaby & Lady Moriska.

His sister was retained for stock by M&D Evans.

Image 15


Info: Direct dtr. from Golden Bliksem.
Bred by: M&D Evans.

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